Keith Haring’s „Bayer Suite“ (1982)

In 1982 Keith Haring was commissioned by the board members of the Bayer AG in Leverkusen, Germany, to create a suite of six prints on the occasion of the release of the heart drug Sali-Adalat.
Apparently five sets from the un-numbered edition of 70 (?) with printed signature were signed by the artist as a gift for the board members of the company. The offset lithographs in color are printed on transparent glassine paper and have a dimension of 29 x 23.8 cm each. Some of them have a supplement “AUG 1982” and copyright sign.

Portrait: Steve Kaufman (USA)

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Steve Alan Kaufman (December 29, 1960 – February 12, 2010) was a true great American pop artist and former assistant to Andy Warhol, who gave Steve Kaufman the nickname „SAK“ using the initials of Steve’s name.

Steve Kaufman in his day-to-day life embodied and delivered the true American pop art experience.  He painted iconic people, historical figures, and products significant in our daily lives.  He was an artistic journalist who commented on both history and current events with his art.  Steve Kaufman advanced the use of the silkscreen process, and was most widely recognized for his use of vivid colours and hand embellishment.  Steve was very prolific — he would paint on just about anything!



Portrait: Lyric One (USA)

Lyric One (Joey Novotny) is a born and raised Coachella Valley graffiti artist living life in the Inland Empire these days. Lyric One gets most of his inspiration and ideas from the streets. It’s not uncommon to see a phone full of random photos of rusty old rails and objects. He stock piles them for the one off projects that keeps the portfolio growing.

Portrait: Kenor (Spain)

Kenor (*1976) is known world-wide for his vibrant geometric abstract work, that distinguishes him in the urban art arena together with his ability to translate techno beats into a dynamic, shimmering composition of colors, beams and electrifying rays of light. Kenor began painting in the 1990s, as a result of watching Barcelona’s decaying landscape and his fascination for the walls – their skins, their textures – and the connection with people and their social background. He grew up between the contrast of the urban surroundings of a large city and the valleys of the south of Spain, where his family originally comes from, a mix that is an infinite source of inspiration and which could explain his eclectic yet organic mix of rhythm and aesthetics. Thanks to his first actions in the 90s, Kenor is recognized as one of the European pioneers of the new „Abstract Graffiti“ scene on trains, together with Boris „Delta“ Tellegen in Nederlands and Vania, Honet and Foe in France.

Portrait: Ramona Nordal (Canada)

Canadian-born artist Ramona Nordal began her art exploration at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here she studied lithography, color theory, painting and drawing and later focused on anatomy drawing and painting. Color theory has always been a huge part of Nordal’s process and is quickly becoming known for her richly evocative color pallet. The central theme that unites all of her work is the mixture of the traditional with the unconventional. Her work is a representation of her interest in the human form, pop art culture and capturing the presence of her subjects. Ramona Nordal currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Portrait: Matt_thieu (France)

Matt_tieu aka Matchalk is a self-taught artist based in Paris. He has been drawing faces and animals since his childhood and has been in the streets of Paris since 2015. His approach is usually spontaneous and without special preparation, which allows him to adapt to the media he meets on his way. His faces adopt a neutral and peaceful posture, turned towards the passers-by, inviting them to take a step back on their daily life. He uses chalk to make his works, which gives an ephemeral side to his creations.

Portrait: Mr. Cenz (U.K.)

Mr Cenz (aka Julian Phetean) is a London based graffiti artist who has been scribbling on surfaces since 1988. His unique female portraits feature layers of intricate and flowing letterforms, shapes and line work, which are abstracted in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. His style is full of funk and movement and fuses different all his different skills and influences. His work has been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”. His distinctive murals can now be seen all over the world from London to Las Vegas. He has painted at many festivals in unusual places like Tahiti, Azerbajan and Romania and continues to travel and paint on a regular basis. His work can also been seen in galleries worldwide like C.A.V.E in LA and Vertical in Chicago. Mr Cenz has created a historical mural in Manhattan for the centennial of the International Labour Organization (UN agency) with Street Art for Mankind.

Portrait: Ole Aakjær (Denmark)

Ole Aakjær (*1962) is a Copenhagen-based, internationally-renowned watercolor and ink artist best known for large-format, highly symbolic works that celebrate the power of women. His distinct figurative paintings rely on bold colors and symbols to convey deep psychological empathy, while exploring the complexity and strength of their subjects. Ornate ink work comes into play with tattoos often sprawled across the face, neck, shoulders, and upper body. Text and characters, inspired by music, literature, poetry, film, religion, psychology, and cartoons are painstakingly applied with ink.

Portrait: Donk (U.K.)

Donk is a photographer, printmaker and street artist, working in the urban paste -up poster tradition. He has worked as commercial photographer since the mid 1990’s but in 2008 decided to create the moniker ‘Donk’ to anonymously explore a series of new personal visual ideas. Curious to unlock the d.i.y. creative potential of direct dialogue with the local environment, and fascinated by the ephemeral nature of unsanctioned creativity, he set about pasting his work into the east end of London and elsewhere.

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